Child Online Therapy

Child Therapy; Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

Online Therapy for Children

Given a child's language of play, online therapy with children depends on involvement of the parent in sessions as well. I can lead an activity with you and your child online much like I would in the clinic. My goal is to give both parents and children tools throughout the session that they can use together between sessions to continue to process emotions and work on behavior regulation. 

Symptoms of concerns in children may include the following:

  • Changes in school performance
  • Excessive worry or anxiety, for instance fighting to avoid bed or school
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Frequent disobedience or aggression
  • Frequent temper tantrums

- National Alliance on Mental Illness

Child and Parent Relationship Therapy - CPRT

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), grounded in the attitudes and principles of Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT), is a series of ten or so sessions where play therapists teach caregivers the attitudes and skills necessary for addressing the emotional and behavioral issues they may be experiencing with their children. Research supports that parents trained in CPRT tend to report significant decreases in child behavior problems and parenting stress and improved relationships with their children. CPRT is a program involving weekly parent consultation and skills building. Between sessions, parents practice skills with their child during a "special play time"; your child is in charge of the play and you are there to reflect what you see them saying and doing.  

A typical session:

  • Review of the past week
  • Discuss new skills
  • Special play time while I observe and provide feedback
  • Review skills to practice over the next week

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Behavior Modification Therapy

Children's behaviors are an expression of emotion. I work with parents to develop a greater understanding of their child's behaviors and emotions, and the thought patterns behind the emotions. I teach parents skills on limit setting and reflective language to use with their child that encourages them to develop greater self-esteem and a greater sense of control of their emotions and behaviors. I also work with parents on limit setting and how to set up reasonable rewards and consequences to motive children to make good choices.

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics - CBIT

While medications have been the treatment of choice in managing tic disorders, there is a useful adjunct or alternative; behavior therapy. Flourish Therapy provides Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) for children and adolescents. CBIT is a structured 8-session program, however it can be tailored to one's needs. 

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Why won't they just tell me what is going on?

Children communicate their thoughts and emotions all the time. Play is a child's way of expressing emotions and processing through difficulties. Learning how to join your child in their way of communicating through play is a great asset for every parent. Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) will give you the tools to establish special play times with your children so you can develop a greater understanding of how they think and feel about things.